FB logoThe realistic number of customers for FMOTY is estimated to be 10-15 % of the potential user base of about 15 million people. To reach this user base, we focus on England, Germany, Spain and the Nordic countries the first year.

The focus of FMOTY:

  1. Constant management development
  2. Realistic and profound statistics
  3. Useful feedback to the player, who can act upon the feedback from all areas of the game

The game is sold digitally through the steam platform, and it is possible to buy special clothes etc. through the game. There will be sponsorships in the game, which makes promotion of companies possible. This can give the player advantages for his club. Every year the game is updated with new players, transfers, positions, tournaments etc.

To invest in FMOTY or get more information, please email us at contact@fmoty.com.