For many years, we have been fans of the manager game genre and have played several different kinds of manager games. However, we felt that something was missing in the existing games. In 2014, we decided to develop a manager game which added a more complete and realistic experience of being a manager.

From there, we gathered our ideas into a concept and created a detailed business plan. At the same time, we took the feedback of other users of manager games into consideration, both faults and shortcomings as well as the positive elements.

We analyzed the existing products and the feedback, and with that in mind we have created new and innovative initiatives that make allowance for the player’s absorption in the game.


Who are we?

Dennis Gravenhorst has a degree in Game Design from the IT University (2016). He has focused on project management including a semester at DADIU as the project manager for a group of 18 persons. This resulted in publishing the game Wonder Wool at Google Play. The game was nominated to Showcase of the year 2015 by the Danish Producers Association.

“My goal is to make a game development company grow and start other projects on the side.”

Dennis has previously worked with management of software development projects and development methods (including SCRUM). He has developed minor games, particularly for smartphones and tablets. He has experience with UX, budgeting and fundraising. He knows all about the sport and plays football himself.


Christian Mørch is a data technician and has always worked with IT. From server operations and installations to application support on different platforms as well as technical consultant.

“My goal is to make a lifelong dream come true: To be part of the development of a manager game to hardcore fans.”

He has experience with start-ups and a great network including people within programming, management, sales and service.

Christian plays in B73 and has been a football coach in FC Herlev.